mmmm Hope?

Hope is the only thing stronger than fear…

Hope never Dies

Poem: If only you knew…

I can’t sleep at night, i don’t even want to.

I lay on my bed hoping for tomorrow to come.

A thousand words on my mind, i don’t even know where to start.

I know you are the one, even birds sing the same song too.

I only have my heart to tell you that it’s all true.

Your eyes, your smile, the way you laugh, just talking to you always makes me feel brand-new.

If i close my eyes now, i would have to wait 8 hours just to say hie to you, wow, i think i am in love with you.

If only i could express how i feel in simple words, i feel like i am a fool.

Time is passing, time is passing, it won’t wait for me. My heart beats fast.

A single beat from my heart is a single word i mean to say.

I look at the window, thinking, if only you knew…

copyright © Saleem Mbwambwa

Yesterday was a different day, today is a new day and tomorrow is another day.

Our past doesn’t define who we are, rather who we were. That’s a huge difference. Today you wake up and you do something despicable, start to regret or maybe even cry about it and you wake up the following day and you think what you did the previous day means that you have to spend the rest of your life being seen and/or labeled as a bad person. Well, that’s not how it works or that’s not how it should be, maybe if you want it to be that way, however you can still change yourself and try to become the better version of yourself.

Change is inevitable only if you believe. The whole reason we think changing ourselves or moving on is hard is because we let our emotions control us, instead we should take control of our lives completely not partly. We have to be willing to change. It’s really hard in some cases, but we should drive ourselves in the better tomorrow if we really want to make a difference in our lives. I mean literally, what you see today is not going to be the same tomorrow, what you experience today is not going to have the same impact tomorrow. It’s going to have a different impact or feeling from the previous day if you really come to think of it. The same applies to ourselves, If you don’t feel comfortable with yourself today or if you really feel there is something missing in your life which is good for yourself or your surroundings or your even your family then you should try to change yourself hoping to make yourself feel better in days to come.

Lastly, when you really think of CHANGE, it should not only just come out of your mouth rather you need to ACT upon it. Don’t just say, do it.

After a storm comes a calm.

One of the things we have been dealing with, especially myself , is struggling to be patient. We have to look at both sides on this particular issue, i mean, personally i know patience and prayer is key to most of our problems , but holding on to patience is the major problem.

After some deep thoughts i have been having for quite sometime, i realised that i or (we) have been trying to find our solutions at the wrong place. Now what do i mean? I mean of course the problem lies within us, but the real problem is that we don’t want to let go of the things that have have been causing or that have caused so much damage to our lives. We are just not yet ready. Now, this is the reason why to have patience at the first place is like trying to hold burning ashes with our bare hands, its almost impossible.

Look, the best way to tackle most of these problems is by analysing the major problem, try to break it down to small problems and try to solve these smaller problems bit by bit until you attack the major problem. Not only will you be solving the biggest problems in your life, but also you will be practising patience, aha! killing two birds with one stone. Once you get the hang of it, even future problems, will be easier for you to handle because patience is not something you easily lose when you attain it. I personally believe it’s a choice to lose patience upon something once you get the hang of it.

One of the most important things to remember is that nothing is permanent in this world, everything has its own expiry date, thus, problems come and go so don’t lose hope yet. I have seen people who struggled half of their lives and at the end they became so successful that if you wouldn’t have known them at first, you wouldn’t have believed that they once struggled in life. Now how did this happen? It’s because they kept on holding on to their hopes, patience and having in mind that problems come and problems also disappear eventually. This is what i have observed, and i still have hope, so if i can have hope at least, then why can’t you have it too?

All i am saying is , Patience, Prayer, Hope, once you master these in your life, then everything else will start falling into the right place. It is hard to accomplish all these things especially with our own personal problems, big or small, but you never know till unless you try.

It’s worth a try…


You know, i always find it amazing that, when you smile at someone, be it someone you know or a stranger, they just smile back. Its not that they have to, but its because thay want to, it just happens naturally. Thats the reason i wrote that short poem, a simple smile is contagious. A smile can change the mood of someone depressed or who is just having a bad day. Just try it , you will see…

Hi I’m Saleem Mbwambwa and welcome to my blog…

I understand and know for a fact that i am not the only person going through certain hardships in life, trials and tribulations. Now , this blog is not only to utter about my day to day problems and all, but its about helping those who need help, emotionally and/or psychologically.

If you are able to make yourself happy, if you are able to make one person smile, then why not make it an everyday thing. Keep in mind that someone somewhere out there needs your help too, needs that smile. I just hope that this blog will help you somehow in dealing with your everyday problems and all.

Be yourself. If not you, then who?

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